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Friday, January 24, 2014
Please use the websites below to prepare your Explorer Projects.
  1. Create a slideshow in Keynote with 8 slides.
  2. Slide 1 is a title slide. The title is "Early Canadian Explorers"
  3. Slides 2-7 are used to answer questions and post pictures about three explorers of your choice
  4. Slide 8 is a concluding slide. You can say goodbye on this slide and include a picture of yourself.
  5. The questions you must answer for your three explorers are:
    1. When and where was your explorer born?
    2. When and where did your explorer die?
    3. What part(s) of Canada did your explorer explore?
    4. What do you think your explorer used to travel? (boat, horses, trains, etc.)
    5. What is something that your explorer was famous for?
    6. Give one other fact about your explorer that you find in the websites.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Aside from Wikipedia, these links will help choose an explorer and gather more information for your Canadian Explorers assignments. Once you have chosen your explorer, you can search for their name and narrow your search results.

Research the following questions for your assignments:
  1. When and where were they born?
  2. When and where did they die?
  3. What part(s) of Canada did they discover? Name cities, provinces, lakes and rivers.
  4. How did they travel during their exploration? By boat, horse, foot or other?
  5. What challenges did they encounter on their explorations? Were they struck with illness, attacked by another group of people, running out of food or supplies or did they get lost?
  6. What technologies did they use to navigate and explore? (Examples: compasses, maps, astrolabes, sandglasses, telescopes)
  7. Are there any other interesting facts about your explorer? Are modern places named after them? Are they mentioned in any popular TV shows or movies?
  8. REMEMBER: Search for photos or illustrations of your explorer, the path they took, maps of their discovered regions and the technologies they used.

Friday, January 9, 2015
Please use the following link to answer the questions.
Answer these questions on a piece of lined, loose leaf paper with your name and the date:
  1. Where can the Tree Octopus be found?
  2. How big can they get?
  3. How does the Tree Octopus hunt for food?
  4. How does the Tree Octopus display its emotions?
  5. Why is the Tree Octopus endangered?

Friday, November 7th, 2014