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Gift From God


Monday June 19th: The class will do Concept G, lesson 2:  What I Can Do If Inappropriate Touching Occurs. The workbook will be sent home for you to complete page 13 with your child.  Please ensure that the book gets returned by Wednesday.


Thursday June 22: The class will do Concept H, lessons 1 and 2:  Secrets.  The workbook will not be sent home.


Friday May 12, 2017

Today we completed Concept A, as well as page one in the Gift From God workbook.  Please complete page two in the workbook and return it by Monday May 15th.

Monday May 15th, we will be completing Concept B, lesson 1.  Please go over this concept with your child before the class learns about it.  The students will do page three in the workbook, and it will not be sent home this day.

Thursday May 18th, the class will be doing Concept B, lesson 2.  The workbook will go home so that you and your child can read page four together.  The workbook needs to be returned the following Monday.

Friday May 19, 2017

Wednesday May 24:  Concept B, Lesson 3.  I Belong to the Family of God. No pages to be done in the workbook.

Thursday May 25:  Concept C. I Can Show Love. At school, students will start page 5 in their workbooks and complete page 5 on Friday.

On Friday, the workbook will be sent home for you to help your child complete page 6.  Please return the workbook on Monday May 29th