Intermediate Speech Arts

The Intermediate Speech Arts Competition will be on Thursday May 6, 2021. Please click on the file on the bottom of this page to view the schedule. The livestream starts at 9am. You are encouraged to begin watching about 10 minutes before your child is scheduled in case we are running ahead of time.

Practice Schedule


Gr 4. Mrs. Tylka

Gr. 5 Ms. Winning

Gr. 6 Mrs Keogh/Mrs. Krohman

Gr. 7 Mrs. Winning

North Shore Intermediate Speech Arts Festival

Thursday May 6th, 2021



  1. Prepared Bible Reading

Students may choose their own selected Bible reading (1stReading, 2ndReading, or Gospel) from the 2019 St. Joseph’s Missal.  Bible readings should notbe memorized.  Students are expected to introduce the reading, for example, “A reading from…” and should notend with “This is the Word of the Lord”.

Minimum length – 1 minute     Maximum length - 2 minutes

  1. Favourite Poem

The entrants will choose a poem from any book source and memorize it for performance. Simple, natural movements/suitable gestures (not dramatic) will be accepted.          

Minimum length – 1 minute     Maximum length - 2 minutes.

  1. Original Poem

The entrants will write their own original poem and memorize it for performance.

Students must have a typed copy for the adjudicator.

Minimum length – 1 minute    Maximum length - 2 minutes


  1. Duologue

With a partner, students select a scene from a novel or play that involves fairly equal dialogue between two characters.  The entrants may use simple props and costumes that enhance but do not take away from the duologue.  All props and costumes must be approved by the coach.  Students must have a retyped transcript of the piece including individual characters’ lines and excluding narrations, as well as the original source the passage appears in. A coach’s signature of approval must be on the typed script for the adjudicator to see.

Maximum length - 5 minutes 

  1. Speech

The entrants will compose their own personal speech.  It is expected that the students have their speech committed to memory.  Cue cards with the speech written in point form are permissible. Students must have a typed copy for the adjudicator.  Obtain a copy of the “Personal Speech Guidelines and Criteria” for your reference. 

Grade 4 & 5 Minimum length – 1.5 minutes     Maximum length - 5 minutes

Grade 6 & 7 Minimum length – 2 minute     Maximum length - 5 minutes


Fees: $6.00 per category entered / $12.00 per duologue

* Note: This covers the cost of adjudication.

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Apr 22, 2021, 2:56 PM