Sandwiches for the Door is Open

In the past, we have asked the Grade 7 class and parents to earn some volunteer hours by making sandwiches or baked goods in their own home for the mission. Every other week, we will bring the sandwiches to the mission. This is a great opportunity for you to spend 30 minutes every other week with your child(ren) to not only fulfill volunteer hours, but to extend the fruits of the Spirit in a very practical and hopefully, long-term manner. The process is as follows:
  • Drop-offs will be every other Wednesday morning in a bin in the foyer between 8:45 – 9:00 am.
  • Do not bring the sandwiches into the classroom. Someone will be picking up the sandwiches at 9 am to deliver them.
  • Make the sandwiches or baked goods in your kitchen. Consider making 1-2 loaves of sandwiches.
  • Sandwiches can be: any assorted meats, egg salad, etc. Lettuce, cheese and mustard are appreciated.
  • You do NOT need to cut the sandwiches or wrap them individually. Just place them back into the loaf bag and seal the bag.