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Mr. Horner

Internet Information Reliability
Russian Lap Giraffes (fake site, like Tree Octopus)
Finding good information on the internet (Scientific American article - Tree Octopus)
House Hippo (fake video)

Bias and Rhetoric

Childnet International - Cyber Bullying (bullying video - 6m31s)

My Family History
Fleur-de-lis Designs (coat of arms)

Personal Safety Online - From Club Penguin
We encourage parents to talk about internet safety with their children. Here are key points to remember:
  1. Never give out personal information online. Your real name, age, where you live, phone number or school.
  2. Never share your password with anyone, except your parents. Someone else might use your password and pretend to be you.
  3. If someone does or says anything online to make you feel uncomfortable, tell your parent or guardian straight away.
  4. Choose a nickname that doesn't give away your real name, or location.

Grade 7: keyboarding.shortcuts
Grade 6: keyboarding.shortcuts.wordle.GarageBand
Grade 5: keyboarding.shortcuts.Numbers map
Britannia Mine Museum
Grade 4: keyboarding.Weather research
Grade 3: keyboarding.Numbers map.type Hail Mary.edit Hail Mary
Grade 2: keyboarding.MBlaster.KidPix
Grade 1: KidPix
Kindergarten: KidPix