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Grade 2

 Welcome to Grade Two!

What's Happening in Grade Two!

October 5, 2016

FIRST COMMUNION WILL BE ON MAY 7!! First Parent meeting on October 24!

Other important dates are also below:

October 24 (Monday) First Parent Meeting (minimum one parent from each family must attend, meeting in the Parish Hall)

January 18 (Wednesday) Parent Meeting (minimum one parent from each family must attend. location TBA)

March 29 (Wednesday) Parent Meeting (minimum one parent from each family must attend. location TBA)

April 8 @ 10:00am First Reconciliation (in the church, parents must attend, and siblings may also attend)

May 6 @10:00am First Communion General Rehearsal (meet in the gym, finish in the church)

May 7 @ 2:30pm First Communion (students must be in the gym for photo by 2:00pm)

Sept 24, 2016
Gym strip and changing room manners:
We are still struggling a bit with changing in and out of our gym clothes quickly and efficiently.  Some tips I have given the children that you can practice with them at home are: 1. Stay in one spot while you are changing. 2. Put all the clothes you are putting on on the bench in front of you. 3. Put all clothes you have just taken off your body in your gym bag. 4. Hang your bag on the hook and come out quickly. There have also been quite a few students bringing home the wrong clothes.  It is very important that every clothing item has a name label on it. I have seen quite a few items with no name when we have done a label check looking for a lost item.  Please also check this weekend to make sure your child has not brought home someone else's clothing.

We are learning about our community.  We will be building picture collages of places we go in the community.  This week, if you can, please try to take pictures of places in the community that are part of your child's everyday life.  It would be good if by next Monday October 3 each child could bring in 3-7 photos of places in the community that are significant to them.

Monday September 26 is a professional day and school is not in session for the students.
Run-a-thon continue Tuesday-Friday next week.  We are tracking donations made on CHIMP (the students are very excited to see that we had the 3rd highest amount on Friday) but you can also collect cheques or cash and record it on the pink record sheet. Please remember that students whose family has brought in a total of $100 or more are eligible for the run-a-thon breakfast and tickets for the breakfast were also in the pink run-a-thon packages.

On Friday September 30, we are having our first Spirit Day of the year.  The theme is dress in your favourite colour. Students are asked to bring in $2 for the Spirit Day with all money going to the Terry Fox Cancer Research Foundation.  Grade 7 students have also been making faith, hope and love bracelets which they will also be selling on Friday for $2 (proceeds also going to the Terry Fox Cancer Research Foundation).  Please make sure the intention of the money you are sending is clearly marked on the bag or envelope.

Today some of the students got quite creative with the play doh.

Sept 20, 2016
Today.... we have a working camera again!!!!  Thomas one of our class photographers took some pictures to share what we have been working on this week.  Below you can see our calendar, our communities maps, our neat and tidy coat area (yay nothing on the floor!), and our printing books. We are no longer in need of a class camera, however if you do have an old point and shoot camera we will always accept donations. :)  Also please see note below from yesterday.  

Sept. 19, 2016

**NUT ALERT** On Mondays we usually eat lunch with our Grade 7 prayer partners.  There are quite a few students in the Grade 7 class with nut allergies.  If possible, please do not send any foods containing nuts in your child's lunch on Mondays.  In order to keep all the students safe, anyone who does have a lunch containing nuts on Mondays will be asked to stay in the Grade 2 classroom, and (if his or her prayer partner is not one of the students with the allergy)  his or her prayer partner will be asked to join him or her in our classroom.

Also please make sure the blue emergency forms are handed in (complete including a recent photo) by Friday.

We are off to a great start this year!  The students have been working hard to learn new routines.  I look forward to seeing all the moms and dads on Meet the Teacher night! Here are a few things you need to know:
1. Planners-- This is one of the best ways to pass information between school and home. Each day the students will write a message in their planners, a teacher will sign it, and they bring it home.  I ask that when it comes home, you not only look at the message, but also give it a quick signature to let me know that you have seen it.  Short notes can also be written on the daily planner pages, and longer notes may be placed in the clear pocket at the front of the planner. 
2. Email -- If you would like to send me an email it can be sent to suzanne.winning@holytrinityschool.ca  Please keep in mind that urgent matters, should not be sent over email and I may not read any message sent after 4:00pm until the next day. 
3. Gym strip -- many parents have sent me notes saying that they are purchasing new gym strip and it hasn't arrived yet.  This is fine, but please send active clothes with your child for gym class until his or her new gym strip arrives.

Here are some photos of our first days of school taken by this week's photographers, Gabriela and Devon